HHH Partners - 4 Employee Benefits

Part 2 of 5 about the top 5 reasons why you should choose a career with HHH Partners.

To continue the story into what a career with HHH Partners looks like, let’s turn our attention to Number 4 - Employee Benefits. As you’ll see by the infographic, the 4 segments are: Work, Community, Career Development and Lifestyle.


Realistic working hours - As an Accountant at HHH Partners, you will benefit from working realistic hours without an expectation to ‘burn the midnight oil’ to prove yourself or get ahead.

Leave banking - When combined with a few extra hours, you’ll have the ability to accumulate 1-2 weeks to enjoy over the Christmas festive season.

Diverse client base - The HHH Partners client base covers a diverse group of industries spread over a large geographical area. The career opportunities that present themselves from working with the HHH Partners’ client base is endless!


Do you value your community as well as some great Employee Benefits? Why not share these values with your next employer and be rewarded in the knowledge your efforts are directly contributing to the communities in which we live?

By choosing HHH Partners, you'll see some great things happening around the Rockhampton and Emerald regions including:

Accounting Scholarship - HHH Partners are throwing their support behind the future of the accounting industry by offering a generous Scholarship to aspiring Accountants willing to work fulltime while completing their tertiary studies.

CQ community events - HHH Partners, support the communities that support them through various sponsorships and attendance at many awesome events across the greater Central QLD region from a day at the races, camp drafting, dog trials at a local show to all the glitz and glamour of a regional Business Awards evening.

Check out the HHH Partners Facebook page to learn more and view some great photos!

Free dress days & charity donations - The HHH Partners team work hard but also know how to have fun. The monthly free dress days are a great way to unwind and support local charities of choice.

Career Development

Skills development - At HHH Partners, you will find the opportunity for positive skills development at every turn.

Regular training - As a HHH Partners’ Accountant, you will attend monthly technical in-house training facilitated by either one of your colleagues or Directors. You’ll use this time to upskill, discuss any internal work procedures and industry best practices.

Corporate subscription to CCH means you will have unlimited access to this great training resource at your fingertips…Still looking for more?...

Grow and develop your skills even further by attendance at our annual half-day tailored technical session, presented by a specialist external presenter.

Training facilities - At HHH Partners, it’s easy for you to focus on your skills development, with state-of-the-art training technology and a dedicated training room (in our Rockhampton office).

Study assistance - Knowledge is power and the HHH Partners team set you up for success to study either the Chartered Accountants Program or CPA Program. This includes 2 study days and 1 exam day per module. They’ll also ease the financial burden for you by reimbursing your fees after successful completion of each module.

Great mentors - With 5 Directors at the helm steering clients to achieve great business outcomes, you will learn from the best and enjoy a healthy career development journey.


‘Lifestyle’ - what does the word ‘lifestyle’ mean? Google defines it as:  “the way in which a person lives”. Considering we spend so much of our lives working, it’s very important to consider the connection of work to our ‘lifestyle’. What is it about work, that influences our ‘Lifestyle’?

Sure $$$ might quickly spring to mind but I’m sure you’ll agree that positive employee benefits and workplace culture can play a significant role in our ‘lifestyle’.

Some of the great Employee Benefits you’ll find by working at HHH Partners are linked to ‘Lifestyle’ including:

Easy commute - Whether you choose to live on the beautiful Capricorn Coast or in one of Rockhampton’s many suburbs, the HHH Partners office is an easy commute with accessibility from both the Neville Hewitt Bridge (new bridge) or the Fitzroy Bridge (old bridge).

Onsite parking - After such an easy run to the office, there’s no need to fight the crowds for a carpark, feed the parking meter or walk a country mile…you’ll find a spot right out the back!

If that’s not enough Lifestyle benefits for you, check out these…

Close to services - Imagine being able to run lots of errands in your lunchbreak, all within an easy walking distance.

Run out of milk for your morning cereal?...Coles Supermarket is only 300 metres away. Why not grab some lunch, visit Target or hit the newsagent while you’re there?

Need to see a doctor, have a blood test or get your eyes checked? No need to fit these in after hours, all these medical services are within an easy 5-minute stroll from the office.

But what about a bit of self-care? Treat yourself to a massage, beauty therapy or sweat it out at the gym – yep you guessed it, they’re all on our doorstep only 1 minute away.

RDO’s - We get it, life gets busy and it’s important to take some time to catch up on your responsibilities at home or have some R&R. As a full-time Accountant, you can opt in to a 9-day fortnight and enjoy all the benefits.

It’s time to explore a career with HHH Partners and Make OUR Employee Benefits…YOUR Employee Benefits…

For details on positions in Rockhampton & Emerald, and to apply - visit the Job Application Portal at: https://www.myddhr.com/courses/hhh

Confidential enquiries welcome to Recruitment Partner Debbie Dreaver HR on 0427 738 649.