HHH Partners - 1 YOU

Part 5 of 5 about the top 5 reasons why you should choose a career with HHH Partners.

So, we’ve reached the end of the line…the final part and MOST IMPORTANT reason to choose a career with HHH Partners. For those of you who’ve followed along with me on this 5 Part journey, I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the big climax would be, well here it is…YOU!

Is that it, you might be thinking….yes that’s absolutely it…YOU!

Who are YOU and why is this all about YOU? Well, let’s spend a little time talking about YOU.

As it’s edging closer to the Christmas season when it’s time to ‘put down the tools’ and start afresh in the New Year, now is the time for a little self-reflection about where your Accounting career is heading.

Are you full steam ahead in your daily routine, and wonder why work isn’t ‘doing it’ for you anymore? Maybe it’s time to have a long hard look in your Career Mirror and talk to the person who knows you best…YOU! Try asking yourself:

What makes YOU happy at work?

  • feeling valued
  • a great boss
  • a competitive salary
  • seeing a pathway for progression
  • being challenged & supported
  • working with a top bunch of people

…so what things have to present in your work environment for you to feel satisfied

What career Objectives do YOU have?

  • something specific…or
  • growth and development of any kind
  • maybe you’d like to specialise
  • to earn a certain $ salary
  • to mentor staff…or
  • maybe you’re really not sure…

…does your current employer offer the right tools to get you there?

What have YOU got to offer…what’s your unique YOU?

  • what’s your special talent – what you’re really good at
  • what does success look like for you
  • why are you a good fit for the role

…think about your ‘workplace wins’, have you – identified cost savings for clients, streamlined processes, won new business, implemented a new software program etc etc etc?

Need help answering these questions?

It’s time for YOU to have a career conversation with Recruitment Partner Debbie Dreaver HR. For full details and to apply, register on the Job Application Portal at: https://www.myddhr.com/courses/hhh

Confidential enquiries welcome to Debbie Dreaver on M: 0427 738 649 or E: hr@debbiedreaverhr.com.au